July updates

It’s July, its been a year since my first newsletter, and it’s time for another shift.

What I have been doing  / /

I am insanely pleased to announce I am featured in the upcoming Summer issue of Loam Magazine! My ongoing series FIELD NOTES is published, in tune with the theme “Resilience”. 

From LoamHow can we nurture ecological, social, and spiritual resilience in the heart of the climate crisis? Rich in resources for regeneration and resistance, Loam: Reawakening Resilience is an immersive exploration into honoring grief, cultivating community, and sparking change. Designed to last a lifetime, our hope is that this vibrant issue of Loam will be a beloved resource as you navigate what it means to foster resilience in your heart, in your community, and in our world during this transformative era of unraveling and rebuilding.
Perfect bound and printed by Hemlock Printers, a 100% carbon-neutral manufacturer, this issue is slated for release in mid-August. To guarantee a copy (Loam prints in limited runs), pre-order today.

What I have been thinking / /

After spending the majority of the year down here in Mexico, I feel like I have learned so much. Not just all of the schooling I have been through ( I am onto my 2/3 semesters already in herbal school, and halfway through my Spanish classes ) but there is something about living here in Mexico that has forced us to go deep, without distraction. We have had so much time to learn about ourselves, our limitations, our loves and hates. 
And, we have learned about accepting who we actually are, what our real strengths are. 

What I am getting at here, is that we are soon departing from Mexico- much sooner than we expected- and it isn't with sorrow that I say this, it is with excitement for the next adventure.

You may have read in my husband’s blog at the beginning of this month that he has decided to leave his place of work and strike out on his own. I believe, wholeheartedly, that if we had decided to forgo this move to Mexico and the airport project, he probably would have never came to the conclusion that a smaller business was what he actually wanted. We had a very comfortable routine and life back in Chicago, and it was hard to not romanticize living abroad and working on something new.

But living down here in Mexico, away from our friends/family/obligations, and immersed in a huge project and company that took up enormous amounts of time and brain space, he learned that (maybe) he is not the type of person who can expatriate for years, and jump headfirst into a 50 hour work week. 

I also learned that I desire a much simpler life. And so it is that we have decided to move back to the midwest at the end of July, and stay temporarily at our family’s cabin in the woods in Wisconsin and plot our next move- which will likely be a home in Milwaukee WI, and two small businesses. 

What I have been making //

The paintings I have been making down here are small vignettes of a culture I have grown to love and deeply respect. There is magic in and all around this city. A week ago I stood on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, and thanked whatever Great Mystery at work in our lives for the time I have had here. I circled the summit three times in gratitude and thanksgiving. 

I have seen people work harder than I ever thought possible. I have learned the true meaning of caring for your neighbor; I have experienced the kindness of strangers who don’t speak a word of my language. I have been invited around a table by people from all over the world who have become warm friends. I have met awesome makers, artists, mediums, healers, writers. I hope that in the work you can smell the copal and taste the mango. I hope in the work you can tell I’ve really loved this time, and these places. There is so much I won't look at the same way again.

See the full series (plus other updates I have made to my website)

What I have been digging / /

Shirley Ann Lee, I shall not be moved (song)

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Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash by Edward Humes

Piney Wood Atlas: Through a series of road trips across the country, two artists are visiting and cataloguing small, emerging and unconventional artist residencies.pineywoodatlas.com

Until next time (and the next place),

-Rachael M. Gonzalez